Gundam BF


Nueva serie gundam, se parece a freedom + strike freedom ;D

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Xbox One Region Lock de Nueva Generacion

Y las cosas se pone peor

Microsoft's Xbox One preorder information page states that the console will only support Live in only 21 countries at launch, and therefore presumably won't work anywhere else.

If you were planning on preordering an Xbox One console, you'd be well advised to do yourself a favor and make sure you live in one of these 21 nations:

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States




Basicamente si vives afuera de algunos de esos 21 paises cuidado la consola ni funciona, tomando en cuenta q ni siquiera ta asia ni japon. Este me recordo al DLC de gears 2 que microsoft no te dejaba bajar si no estabas en gringolandia... lo cual es ridiculo

fuente ... -At-Launch ... oneregions ... oland.aspx

Final Fantasy XV


Conocido anteriormente como Final Fantasy Versus XIII este juego inicio su desarrollo desde el 2006 exclusivo para ps3, Tetsuya Nomura mostro nuevos detalles en el E3 en la confrencia de Sony. Se revelo que el juego cambiara de nombre y se mudara para las consolas de nueva generacion ps4 y xone.

Si bien es el mismo juego que anterior hay muchas diferencias, desarrollado en PC en Direct X 11, este juego tendra graficas de nueva generacion y una movilidad mas fluida y mas orientada a los juegos de accion, como podemos ver muchos cambios, pero en escencia el mismo Final Fantasy que todos los fans seguimos esperando.

Detalles oficiales del Playstation 4

Ahora si revelado oficialmente, detalles de la conferencia del e3 de sony









Detalles que se anunciaron en el evento:

No tendra DRM, validacion online, funcionara de la misma manera que los juegos fisicos deben funcionar

PSN+ es requerido para jugar online 50 dolares al año

Precio 399 dolares


Region Free

fuente ... e-to-play/

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII E3 demo gameplay

el combate como describieron anteriormente es mas accion, lo cual es diferente comparado con las precuelas, tiene mas feeling de crisis core, type 0 y hasta versus....

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII E3 trailer







Aparece Snow con un nuevo look y al parecer a igual que noel se va a enfrentar a lightning, en fin espero que el e3 haya mas detalles

Release Date Febrero 14 2014
Boxart Americano


Boxart japones


fuentes: ... w-trailer/ ... ut-schema/ ... tasy-xiii/

The Last of Us | Metareview


Es difícil leer reviews de este juego sin sentir que te vas a spoilear, sobre todo con las ganas que muchos tienen de jugarlo, intenté hacerlo y creo que puedes leer este tema sin temor, o al menos no tanto :xd:

The Last of Us Rev3 review

Giantbomb - 10/10

The Last of Us is a story about hope in a hopeless world, and the lengths we'll go to for those we love. Who is good? Who is bad? Do such distinctions matter in a world gone crazy? The Last of Us is a bold work, especially for a developer recently known for strapping us into cinematic roller coasters. The Last of Us is not fun, at least not in the traditional sense, and that's exactly why it's so interesting.

The Last of Us is not simply Uncharted with zombies, but it couldn't exist without Naughty Dog having made Uncharted first, either. It's a dark adventure, one rarely filled with laughs or joy. There are bitter pills to swallow along the way, and nothing is taken for granted, not even characters. People live, people die. Sometimes it's fair, sometimes it's not. It's still a zombie game, but a sobering one. Take a deep breath.


Joystiq - 10/10

Make no mistake, this is not the feel-good kind of adventure that Naughty Dog is known for. The few lighthearted moments only counterpoint those that become progressively grimmer as the story goes on. The ups and downs are exhausting, and by the end I felt more that I had survived the game than completed it.


Gamesradar - 10/10

Yes, The Last Of Us does have a competitive online component, and it’s far from the hastily cobbled together addition some might expect. Rather, Factions mode proves itself to be surprisingly adept at crafting thoughtful team deathmatches.

Split into two modes (Supply Raid and Survivors) two teams of four players are pitted against each other with a finite number of lives. In the former, each side has 20 lives rationed out between its members; the first team to wittle the other’s number down to zero are declared the winners. Survivors goes one further and completely does away with respawns all together over desperately tense three minute rounds.

Eurogamer - 10/10

The Last of Us is Hollywood stuff, of course, but the good kind of Hollywood: big-hearted, humane, with just a shade of grey. And the ending, which casts a typical action crescendo in an unusual light, might surprise you. It's jarring and unsatisfying in some ways, powerful and thought-provoking in others, and you have to respect it for following through on the characters' motivations and ending, not with a bang, but on a simple line of dialogue. You won't forget it in a hurry.


Mas? Mas!

IGN - 10/10
Gamespot - 8/10
Polygon - 7.5/10

Como siempre, nĂşmeros son solo numeros, lei y vi el review de Polygon y me parecen respetables sus quejas con el juego, no para decir que hacen el juego 25% peor pero again, son solo numeros.

PS+ de junio


buenos juegos, ps+ sigue mejorando su catalogo, excelente para los que tienen vita tambien

fuente ... r-members/

MIUI V5 3.5.31

MIUI 3.5.31


Fix - Google Calendar synchronisation failure
Fix - In some cases, uninstalling application causes system to reboot


Fix - In "Call Recording" settings, when the recording time of specified recording number is over 10 hours, long press on the list will cause app flash back
Fix - When answering the phone in mute mode (non-vibrating), the phone will be muted with vibration
Fix - During call, talk time display in the notification bar displays incorrectly
Fix - In the pop-up dialog after adding contacts to the blacklist, pressing the 'Back' button does not exit the current interface


New - Added support for filtering call log for "New Contact"
Optimisation - Redesign page for unknown contacts (05-27)
Optimisation - Support number selection when group sending messages
Optimisation - When selecting phone number to send text messages, the "default" number of multi-number contacts will be prompted (If it was set before)
Optimisation - After exporting contacts to SIM card, export summary will be displayed
Optimisation - In the “New Contact” page, current account will be highlighted while selecting
Optimisation - Support for syncing cloud large picture for google contacts
Fix - Clicking call recording in call log or notes may cause flash back problems
Fix - Avatar inconsistencies for merged contacts in Details and Edit pages
Fix - Clicking 'Cancel' or 'Back' button in the edit avatar interface opens contact edit page
Fix - Clicking search box does not open search mode
Fix - Clicking on the Return button in groups does not return to the group list
Fix - In some cases, call recordings do not display in the contact call log
Fix - The progress bar shows incorrectly when exporting contacts to SIM card
Fix - Entering only a partial number returns no search results


New - Third-party themes can choose whether to use Fancy icons


New - Added support for QR code scanning
Fix - When entering Camera from Contacts, the skin adjustment button and flashlight button may overlap
Fix - Videos cannot be sent via Bluetooth from Camera app


New - Added quick scrollbar in Cloud Albums
Optimisation - Reduced the chance of no thumbnails when viewing large image
Fix - In local albums when multi-selecting a large number of photos to delete, the delete confirmation box does not respond quickly
Fix - Uploaded pictures thumbnail size conversion error in Cloud Albums
Fix - In some cases, opening the GIF format images may cause gallery to stop running


New - Music UI redesigned and improved


New - Animation effects when number of new window increases
New - Animation effects for creating and closing windows
New - Sliding from the edge to the centre of the screen allows for quickly switching windows
New - Added prompt when accessing insecure URLs
Optimisation - Network error page
Optimisation - Display effect of the link response area in a page
Optimisation - Bottom toolbar height adjustment
Optimisation - New window management interface
Optimisation - New night mode effects
Optimisation - Reading mode visual adjustment


Optimisation - Automatically add mail header when sending mail


New - Local videos can be hidden

Esta semana tambien se suma el galaxy nexus en otro device que soporta miui v5


soporte no oficial para mas devices

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